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    The Upsetter EP

    The Upsetter EP

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2019-06-17

    Catalog number: BP8542019

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    Another Earth (Original Mix)
    Science (Original Mix)
    The Upsetter (Original Mix)

    ydney based artist Jim Wilson aka Somersault, debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the impressive three track The Upsetter EP. Somersault’s music is uncompromising. Heavily influenced by the shuffling rhythms of dark UK garage, atmospheric techno and deep melodic house, Somersault straddles the line between the delirious highs and murky lows with a sound that takes his unique sets to some of the most respected outdoor festivals and underground clubs across Australia. The talented producer has come a long way from session guitarist to forging a signature brand of house, progressive and techno. He has released his works on a plethora of top labels with support from top jocks, worldwide. Great to have him on the books at BP.

    The Upsetter is up first delivering a solid progressive house joint to whet the appetite. Cool rhythmic drums stack up to get the floor moving while a deep, probing bassline weaves through the sound. Bright melodic notes cut through the murk as sweeping FX make a statement. A relentless groover that takes us deep into progressive and an absolute must have for the set builders.

    The tech house infused Science is up next and, right from the off we get locked in thanks to those punchy kicks and cool ragga-like vocal. Sporadic, stuttering percussions create a nice rhythm as soft chords come through. The bassline resonates on the low end, moving the floor with ease. Cascading arpeggios and detuned melodies combine to the backdrop of an extended spoken vocal on the break before we get thrust back to full-on mode for the duration. Top-notch stuff, not to be missed.

    Another Earth takes us into deep house territory. A strong, bass bin shaking bassline takes control of the low end as cool metallic synth stabs are joined by a break beat drum pattern for a unique and dynamic sequence. Spoken vocals litter the sound adding character while the shuffling percussion patterns deliver the movement for the floor. Great stuff that will definitely grab attention.




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