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The Secrets Of The Trade 003

Piston Recordings PRCD2014016 21 April, 2014

  • Jungle feat. Andy Hart (Original Mix)

    Andy Hart, Max Graef

  • Call On Me (Original Mix)

    Downtown Party Network

  • Gonna Be Mine (James Dexter Remix)

    Rogerio Martins, James Dexter

  • Keep Me Hanging On (Original Mix)

    Tony Lionni

  • For The OG's (Fauvrelle LFO Mix)

    Fauvrelle, JR (UK)

  • Kinda Fine (Original Mix)

    Jordan Peak

  • Nobody Else (Original Mix)


  • Make It Count (Original Mix)

    Dale Howard

  • Feel The Love (Original Mix)


  • Frog Pond (Original Mix)

    Stefano Esposito

  • After On The Roof (Original Mix)


  • Things I Didn't Mean (Original Mix)

    Urulu, Steve Huerta

  • Got This Feeling (Original Mix)

    Carlo Caldareri

  • Closer (Original Mix)

    Black Loops

  • Never Ending (JR Remix)

    Paul Rudder, JR (UK)

  • Thirsty Camel (Original Mix)

    Kevin Griffiths

  • Leaving Yous (Original Mix)

    Victor Berghmeister

  • I Am Looking (Original Mix)

    Daniel Bortz

  • Zombie RP (Rogerio Martins Rotting Deep Remix)

    Rick Wade, Rogerio Martins

  • Cry Away (Original Mix)