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The Magician

Bonzai Progressive BP8152019 7 January, 2019

Matti returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic The Magician which follows his impressive debut, Black Sun from a few months ago. A relative new comer to the scene, Matti aka Turkish artist Ozgun Yasar Bakir started getting into to music in his secondary school years, with encouragement from his family. He began playing guitar for local folk and blues groups in his hometown. Soon after he got into electronic music and from here, he honed his skills, creating his own unique sound. Great to have him back and no doubt we’ll be seeing more from him in the future.

The Magician opens with a very nice punchy kick drum and rhythmic percussion combo, filled with cool FX for that extra layer of movement. A mesmerizing pad fades up, bringing an air of anticipation before a deep rumbling bassline breaks the tension. The track takes on a cool retro vibe thanks to analogue style patterns and right up in-your-face open filtered synths. After a sublime break the groove bursts back to life with a raucous climax making this an absolute must for the livelier floors.

No Bad Days delivers a surreal retro fuelled groove that will have the floors bouncing. Up front we have a solid beat alongside cool hi hats and percussions for a nice, tight rhythmic flow. Hypnotic basses keep the low-end bubbling along, adding depth to the groove. The symphony of synths on display is where this track really shines though. Big stabs, simple plucks and rich pads stack up to create a rave experience with a contemporary edge. Another belter from Matti that will not disappoint.