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The Hornet

The Hornet

Label: After Dark Records

Release date: 2019-08-26

Catalog number: AD2019002

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The Hornet (Original Mix)
Sonic Solution
Glimmer (Original Mix)
Sonic Solution

After Dark is proud to present the brand new two tracker from Sonic Solution titled The Hornet. CJ Bolland and Steve Cop have reinvented their 1991 project for the 21st Century, and man have they created a Techno gem. Their last SS release was over 25 years ago and now, with this new sound, it just feels like yesterday. From the gut busting Beat Time to the warehouse razing Bagdad, these guys made their mark on early rave culture in the best possible way, and they are still revered with huge respect today. CJ and Steve really need no introduction, they remain as passionate about producing and DJing as they did all those years ago and up to today. It’s fair to say that with the launch of After Dark, they have a new wave of energy, taking the oldskool vibe and applying modern day techniques for a blistering hybrid groove that is sure to rock festivals and parties around the world.

Right from the very first beat, The Hornet gives off a strong, powerful vibe. Classic kick drums and spritely hi hats combine for that retro theme as cool FX come through. Energetic hoover synths swarm as the Techno groove lifts off, forcing you to the floor to shake that booty. A monster tune that will be a welcome addition at any club or festival, not to be missed.

Glimmer takes us deeper into Techno with a superb retro themed rendition. Upfront, punchy kick drums are stacked against a deep, rumbling bassline as trippy chords are scattered through the groove. Super crispy hi hats deliver an injection of adrenaline to the sound that sends it into the stratosphere. Cascading synth lines and squeaky FX join a beautifully crafted chaotic sequence that carries soft melodies and harsh stabs in equal measure. In true Sonic Solution fashion, we are veritably locked into the groove and remain there for the duration. A stomper of a track that will not disappoint.




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