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The First Rebirth – Matt Black’s Reborn Remix

Bonzai Progressive BP6682017 17 July, 2017

As we ease ever closer to our 25th anniversary we continue our run of 12 specially commissioned remixed classics with one of THE biggest hits to ever come out of Bonzai Records. Jones & Stephenson’s The First Rebirth was (and still is) the definitive soundtrack to the hard trance era and we’ve enlisted the talented Manchester based DJ and producer Matt Black to work his magic in the studio on the remix. The original track still commands a lot of respect and has been the topic of much musical debate among a vast array of different people with different tastes. Some call it chaotic confusion, others call it sublime melodic trance, but no-one can deny that struck the balance between pumping hardcore beats and energetic melody driven hard trance. Its creators, Frank Sels aka Franky Jones and David Brants aka Axel Stephenson, had unleashed a masterpiece that propelled not only their own profiles but that of Bonzai as well. The First Rebirth went on to spawn numerous re-releases and remixes and still gets a visit from many longstanding and new fans alike. Matt Black has been making music since the mid 90is but it was when he started Segment Records in 2003 that his work really began to get noticed. Since quitting the label in 2014 he has gone on to have tracks signed to labels such as Stripped Digital, Mirabilis and Pro-B-Tech and he has had remixes on labels such as Crop Circle, Emotional Content and 3rd Avenue. His remix of Stas Drives I Feel Her Butterfly won the mix competition on Keep Thinking and was featured as part of the remix pack. In the past Matt’s music has been played by DJis such as Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo with airings major radio stations and internet stations such as Proton radio and Frisky. With more projects and releases to come in 2017 Matt continues to develop as an artist as his star continues to rise

Matt Black’s Reborn Remix intros with a classic style punchy kick drum and bright shuffling hi hat combi that forms into a solid rhythmic flow with a little help from cool slapped drums. A scathing synth line comes in which transforms into a fantastic acid sequence and sits snuggly alongside that deep rumbling bassline and synth stabs. That melody we all know and love fades in to take over and on the break it really comes into full effect. The beats and bass return to keep us moving while that acid line makes its presence known once again. A superb contemporary take on a classic that will definitely fit into many sets, a must have.