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The Fallen EP

Bonzai Progressive BP4732015 10 August, 2015

Manu Riga returns with another of his superb solo efforts, this time around he focuses in on some stunning deep and grooving progressive vibes with The Fallen EP. Manu continues to serve Bonzai well with his unique brand of prog, he always delivers on the quality front which is a testament to his character and his abilities as a talented artist and musician. It is these qualities and a passion for music that drive this guy on and it’s also what steers other, like minded producers in his direction. Over the last few years a raft of collaborations have come out of Manu’s studio. The most recent being an excellent partnership with Alex Vidal and their When Worlds Collide release. Guest DJ mixes remain a constant also, Ethnoscience and Escape on radio stations such as Progressive Beats and Pure.FM are fast becoming a common feature and have been gaining lots of support from all over. Still much, much more to come from this outstandingly talented artist, so stay tuned for more.

The title track, The Fallen – which draws inspiration from the heroes who fought against the Ottoman Empire, embodies an Eastern flavour throughout that will send shivers down your spine. The track intros with a punchy kick and an atmospheric background filled with sweeping sounds and cool FX that etch out a surreal Persian theme. The bassline rolls in early on and settles us into a solid workout that relentlessly powers on. Rich vocals spread across the sound throughout as Manu delivers one of his trademarks alongside a tight drum arrangement. A wonderfully sharp Turkish Saz comes into play on the lead and transforms the groove brilliantly as a subtle acid line weaves its way into the track. The break focuses in on soft melodies that dance along on a smooth arp alongside that stunning voice before we get thrust back into the main groove. The track drives on in a deep progressive groove that captivates with a seemingly Twin Peaks-esque vibe making this a definite must have track.

Anywhere But Home takes us deep into the bowels of progressive with a solid workout that will leave you wanting more. Phat kicks and tight percussion arrangements lock the rhythm in place with a little help from a lush bass that sits perfectly under the main sound. Cool strings and pads sweep across the sound as the layers build and the intensity rises. On the break beautiful melancholic vocals melt into the sound and lead the way on a climactic build up that takes us back into this full on groove. A stunning effort which sees a new side to Manu Riga creep through, top notch.