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The Circus Noon

The Circus Noon

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-12-02

Catalog number: BP8942019

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The Circus Noon (Original Mix)
Philosophers Stoned (Original Mix)

Nibiru debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a fresh two tracker titled The Circus Noon.

Dark and moody vibes greet us on The Circus Noon, including a tech flavour that blends effortlessly with the progressive groove. Solid beats provide a platform for a twisting, cascading flurry of synths that carry a soft hint of acid. A deep bassline sends vibrations through the track with note changes adding a dynamic to the sound. The break reveals a much darker element with a cinematic feel before building back to the main groove. Top-notch stuff, not to be missed.

Philosophers Stoned delivers an upfront, driving progressive groove that will delight the floors. Punchy kicks and rhythmic hi hats are joined by cool, filtered arpeggios which gives the track a lot of depth. The bassline sits beautifully, subtly, allowing the track to flow and adding warmth where required. Melodic sequences come through on the break, contrasting with the deeper side. An alluring ambience fills the break also, before the track builds back up to full-on mode for the duration. A superb slice that is not to be missed.




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