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The Chase

The Chase

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2015-08-03

Catalog number: GM2015254

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The Chase (Original Mix)
The Chase (Jekyll's Metastasis Version)
The Chase (Onez!e Remix)
The Chase (Video Life Remix)
Video Life, MOOSICK

Iraqi born DJ and producer Moosick aka Mustafa Ismaeel debuts on Green Martian with The Chase. Although born in Baghdad, Mustafa grew up in India and ultimately ended up living in Canada. The experience of being exposed to different cultures has played a huge part in his sound. He started to DJ while at university and played at top clubs around Toronto including Sound Academy and Club 77. He has also graced the decks at the Bacardi NH7 festival in Bangalore and the Garden Of Eden festival in Southern Ontario as well as multiple guest spots across various radio stations. Lots more to come from this guy in 2015, so stay tuned. The Chase comes packed with three top notch remixes.

The Original Mix intros with a superb kickdrum that packs a nice punch on the low end and some cool rhythmic drums to get the floor moving. A deep, probing bassline comes through and takes over with its powerful groove and is soon joined by cool pads that sweep across sound. Sustained chords drive the hypnotic edge of the track as the shuffling hats keep the rhythm flowing. On the break those chords come to life with sharp stabs that split the low frequencies in two. A top notch cut that will be a welcome addition in many sets.

The first of three remixes is Jekyll’s Metastasis Remix which intros with a cool elemental flow as rattling chimes are met with blowing winds and light rain. In the background a warm pad begins its rise alongside a distant heart beat. A nice big punchy kick comes out of nowhere with crisp hats in tow and we soon find ourselves on the cusp of an epic ride. Sharp, bright melodic keys dish out a cool lead as a siren winds up and takes us deep into the groove with the addition of a driving bassline. On the break the melodies break free in various guises and deliver a sublime sequence before crashing right back into the main track for the duration. A wonderfully rich progressive journey you will not want to miss.

Onez!e returns to remix duty on Green Martian after a short hiatus. We last saw this talented artist back in November 2014 with his remix on Lonely Sun & Nicolas Agudelo’s Robotronica which turned a few heads and gained great support. Here he takes the remix on a fantastic ride filled with wonderful melodies and a driving relentless bassline that never lets up. An intensity develops in the track as those background pads and winding synths rise and rise bringing the track to its highest level before we drop into the break where the bass remains king. A deep progressive monster that will shake up a lot of floors.

Video Life debuts on Green Martian with a fantastic remix that will fast become a go to track for sure. On the intro we get a soft start as muted kicks are joined by a cascading percussion and shuffling hats. The softness disappears as a superb offset bass ploughs through and dominates the sound. The bass transforms after a short break and delivers a powerful, driving groove that is matched beautifully with strong chords and a tight drum arrangement. A definite go to track that will keep the party rocking.




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