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The Art Of Doing Nothing

Piston Recordings PR2013088 23 September, 2013

  • The Art Of Doing Nothing (Original Mix)

    Rubba J

  • The Art Of Doing Nothing (Deep House Edit)

    Rubba J

  • The Art Of Doing Nothing (Stripped Down Edit)

    Rubba J

  • Tree (Original Mix)

    Rubba J

Rubba J aka Jan Costermans debuts on Piston with “The Art Of Doing Nothing”. Jan is a product of the oldskool hip hop years and it was during this time that he got a drum machine and guitar and began experimenting. He was searching for funky grooves like that of his peers including Prince, Herbie Hancock and others. His sound gradually changed into deep house and this led to works with other artists and solo releases on labels like, Brique Rouge and Wally’s Groove among others.

The Original Mix is a smooth deep house offering filled with warm chords and chirpy sequenced blips. Cool rhythms are built with a nice thud on the kick and a well crafted percussion arrangement backed up by quality bass sounds. The beauty of this track lies within the multi layered synths, top notch stuff.

The Deep House Edit raises the bar with a fantastic array of house sounds gelled together with precision. The intro gives off an understated kick that holds the structure brilliantly, percussions slowly come through alongside some cool and very effective synth shots. Raspy trumpet samples ease the groove along in a fine flowing rhythm. Classic styled percs begin to appear beneath a filtered piano riff as we settle in for a top class ride through house in all its glory.

The Stripped Down Edit is a tougher edged variant with gritty kicks and noisy percussions, the trumpet sample make a return to add a cool dynamic to the track. This one is perfect fodder for those later sets and will surely stand up well on any floor.

Lastly on this release we have a different track entitled “Tree”. From the off you get a big sound feel as the drum arrangement fills the spectrum. The superb synth work is a huge feature here and will keep the ear trained as the variations are plenty. Very funky workout in places that will have those asses shaking in no time, a perfect addition to any deep house set.