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Green Martian GM2016271 18 April, 2016

Innovative Argentine DJ and producer Sebastian Busto debuts on our Green Martian imprint with the superb Temptation which features a wonderful vocal from fellow Buenos Aires native Paula Melicci.

The Original Mix sets out with a cool percussion led intro before a nice and solid kick drum joins in. A lush offset bass comes through and gives the track a nice classic feel as those drums continue to build up a steady flowing rhythm. Warm pads float overhead as various one shot synths come in to tease us. The break throws up a real smooth acoustic guitar riff over a fantastic vocal from Paula that drips with charm and sophistication. A stand out track with a stunning vocal you will not want to miss.

A highly regarded figure on the circuit – Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens steps up for remix duty with his Progrezz Remix. With an ever growing fan base Manu Riga continues to ply his trade using only the finest quality sounds in everything he touches. 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting one with his first album as Manu Riga scheduled for release this Summer, and we don’t mind telling you that it is a special one. Stay tuned for more from this guy as he never disappoints. Manu beefs up the sound here as his remix takes a direct line to an in your face progressive stomper. Big powerful kicks are flanked by cool percussions that dish out a steady rhythm with a bubbling deep bassline lurking underneath. The vocals get a makeover with added dynamics as that bassline intensifies. On the break the track peters out to leave just swirling pads that soon make way for that stunning vocal from Paula. A monster track from the master, a definite must have no doubt.

Russlan Jaafreh is up next on remix duty and once again he delivers the good in style. Russlan marked his Green Martian debut back at the end of 2015 with Pluto To Mercury, which gained great support, so we drafted him in on the remix for more of his sublime progressive goodness. On the remix Russlan takes us on a smooth tripped out progressive journey filled with a plethora of sounds that blend together effortlessly. A super tight drum section leads the way and is accompanied by a warm bassline that sits perfectly on the low end commanding the groove. Paula’s vocal stands out wonderfully adding cool textures that contrast nicely with the deeper elements of the track. Great stuff that will definitely grab a lot of attention.