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Label: Bonzai Basiks

Release date: 2015-07-06

Catalog number: BB2015153

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Tanz (Original Mix)
Portinax (Original Mix)
Cala Llonga (Original Mix)

Majed returns to Basiks for his full debut with the fantastic Tanz. It was back in the Summer of 2014 when we last got a taste of his tight productions when he was on remix duty for Cysxe & Minitech Project’s, Acid Planet EP. Prior to this he teamed up with Van Czar on their In Vino EP. He has been around the scene for a long time having started out perfecting his art at just 12 years old. He has gained a lot of respect in the electronic music world and has been a regular jock at many top events. In 2011 he started his own label, LiEcurie Electro where he brings together like minded producers he had already been working with. With a ton of releases across various labels you can rest assured you will see much more from this guy.

First up is the title track Tanz with it’s in your face bassdrum that pounds out a solid deep tech groove right from the off. Tight drums and percussions form up and deliver a cool rhythmic flow with a tribal aftertaste that lingers on through the sound. A raw bass runs through the sound with a gritty edge that brings the tech side to life alongside some very cool percussions. The break throws up a hint of synth play before getting right back into the tight drum fuelled groove. Superb stuff.

Portinax intros with a deep subby kick and is accompanied by fading in crispy closed hats. Percussive layers start to build and we get a taste of the solid rhythms early on. A playful, deep string bass reverberates through the track as cool FX work goes off in the background. A hint of tribal drums start to peek through amid a cacophony of old vinyl crackles that give a nice organic flow to the sound. Strangely eerie synth sounds make a showing giving the track a dynamic edge with a cosmic twist. Excellent stuff that will definitely rock the techno floors.

Cala Llonga delves right into a cool percussion driven arrangement with a tribal edge that is soon joined by a nice punchy bass note on the offset. The track gives off a bright vibe with the crispy hats and sharp claps keeping the rhythm flowing. A much deeper bass tone lurks in the depths with a threatening prowess and bringing in a cool techno flavour to the sound. An alien world is unleashed on the break as winding, stretching synths fill the groove. Late night fun for the darker more techno fuelled floors, to notch.




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