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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-09-18

Catalog number: BP6892017

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Synapse (Original Mix)
Dylan Dowie
Synapse (Mendexx Remix)
Mendexx, Dylan Dowie
Synapse (Audio Noir Rekonstruction)
Audio Noir, Dylan Dowie

Dylan Dowie debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime Synapse which is backed up with two solid remixes. Dylan is an up and coming young DJ and Producer from Glasgow. Starting off as a regular bedroom DJ, he has made the transition into a club DJ on the Scottish scene. Influenced by artists across different genres such as John O’Callaghan, Sander Van Doorn and Will Atkinson, Dylan has made a reputation for himself through playing professional warm-up sets at various venues and has been commended for impeccable track selection by many. More recently Dylan has taken his inspiration from the likes of Solid Stone, Gai Barone, and Yotto to name a few. He has developed a love for deeper and more progressive sounds as he continues to progress as both a DJ and an artist. Dylan has supported some of the biggest names in electronic music over the last few years, whilst representing some of Scotland’s biggest club nights and brands. As a DJ, he is able to boast being on line-ups alongside Menno De Jong, 4-Strings, Jordan Suckley, Sneijder, John Askew, Vini Vici and Blastoyz. He has became a regular feature at Glasgow event Trancelate. A personal highlight for Dylan was warming up for Ferry Corsten for Colours, playing a Progressive House set which received great feedback. Moving into music production, the future goal for Dylan is to spend more time in the studio perfecting his skills and developing his sound.

The Original Mix opens with an epic sequence that builds nicely into a full on progressive groover complete with punchy kick drums and cool rhythmic percussions. You get a sense of Dylan’s musical influences as a euphoric melodic arpeggio fades in blending beautifully with the harsher basses that give off a gritty, dirty vibe. Leading up to the break we find sweet piano strokes before the sublime break takes hold. Big uplifting synths and soft hair raising vocals soon give way to a cool build up and climax before the main groove kicks back in for the duration. A top notch slice that will not disappoint.

The ever popular and fellow Scot to Dylan, Mendexx, is up on remix duties and once again we find ourselves in the midst of one of the scenes most talented artists when it comes to creating sublime progressive house. A tight drum section leads the way while cool chord stabs generate a fantastic rhythmic flow that works beautifully with the soft voices and the bright melodies. A definite must have that will be the perfect climax in any set.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our very own progressive guru from Down Under, but the wait is over and next up we have a the fantastic Audio Noir Rekonstruction to get the floors moving. As we’ve come to expect from this guy, quality is everything and he proves yet again he has the talent to hit it every time. The track intros with a unique, pacey breakbeat over a surreal trance-like sequence filled with melodies, bright voices and a stuttering, hypnotic bassline. After a short break the track moves into 4×4 mode and by now the floors will be rocking. The moves effortlessly thanks to those tight beats and the addition of a super lead synth. Solid stuff that will definitely grab attention.




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