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Surrounded – Remixed

Bonzai Progressive BP5842016 12 September, 2016

Manu Riga aka Belgian multi talented artist Adriaan Baussens recently gave us his emotionally charged, quality filled album Surrounded, which performed extremely well on the scene having climbed high in many charts with support from the cream of the crop in the electronic music scene. The album was packed full of stunning progressive sounds and deeper house grooves, so what better way to celebrate this than to call in a host of top notch artists to give the album a remix makeover. Manu Riga’s journey through music has been one of dedication and passion with every project given 100%% to ensure that only the finest quality is delivered. It’s also been filled with personal ups and downs due to his health condition, but with a close knit circle of friends and a dedicated fan base he finds the strength to continue fulfilling his dream of making good music. Without doubt he is one of the hardest working producers around and this is shown through his tremendous contributions to Bonzai Progressive, in both original and remix work. During and after the album he has relentlessly churned out fantastic music and his latest remix from Man On The Moon is testament to that. With so much more coming up in the near future, it’s well worth sticking around to follow this guys story.

The remix roster for this one is a who’s who of the progressive world with veterans and newcomers alike pitching in with their visions of the albums tracks. First mention goes to Surrounded remix competition winner CJ Art who stole the show with his sublime remix of Moments Of Sobriety. The competition attracted a huge amount of entrants with every remix having its own qualities, but it was CJ who won the day, congratulations. Stan Kolev and Integral Breed get to grips with Get Me Down and both remixes carry a deep progressive groove with a sublime twist on the vocal. Cry To Oblivion is reworked by Rick Pier O’Neill and Anthony G and as you’d expect these guys turn out a magical progressive sound that draws you in with deep grooves and an effective spoken vocal. Matt Holliday and Blufeld dish out quality progressive with their remixes of When The Day Is Done. Both mixes draw out the emotional essence of the original in a beautiful way. First Steps was picked up by Jakhira and Nico Parisi with both artists delivering a diverse remix. Jakhira opted for the housey approach while Nico digs deep for an epic journey. Thorin unleashes toughened up grooves on Immortal Sins while Crocy and Sebastian Busto step up to the remix desk on Urge To Live. Vince Auon, Kevin Vega and Following Light take on Migration with fantastic results as Suduaya tackles Indigenous Rights. Chandrama delights with his remix of Surrounded which also features a stunning vocal from Mimi and lastly we have Pavlin Petrov on duty for I Don’t Need You.

A veritable hotbed of progressive grooves on offer here that compliment the album beautifully, a definite must have collection.