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Stellar Gateway EP

Stellar Gateway EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-05-07

Catalog number: BP7562018

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Stellar Gateway (Original Mix)
Jacob Singer
Zion Gate (Original Mix)
Jacob Singer

Back at Bonzai Progressive for his 5th offering we find Madrid based Jacob Singer with another hugely impressive slice titled Stellar Gateway EP. His last appearance here – Tayo Caves – proved popular among many, gaining a great deal of support across the board. Jacob Singer started out in music playing the guitar and was heavily influenced by rock and metal bands for many years. After he discovered electronic music however, he soon realised that this is where his passion lay. Always one to watch, delighted to have him back for more.

Stellar Gateway intros with a nice groovy vibe thanks to punchy kicks and a plucky bass note while melodic pads swirl overhead. The track creates a beautifully serene picture made up of intertwining arpeggios that really captivate as the layers unfold. The bassline mesmerizes, holding you in its grasp and making you move. A fantastic progressive house slice with an upbeat vibe that will not disappoint.

Zion Gate gets busy with solid punchy kick drums and shuffling hi hats which are joined by hypnotic pads and a deep droning bassline. Dark melancholy creeps into the track as contrasting sounds bounce off each other. A superb stuttering bass arpeggio is joined by fleeting melodic flutters while haunting pads work the atmosphere in the background. The perfect addition to any building set that is not to be missed.




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