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Stay Safe

After Dark Records AD2020009 22 June, 2020

Sa.Du debuts here on After Dark with the formidable two tracker titled Stay Safe. A longstanding artist over at our friends in Bonzai, Sa.Du never fails to impress. This guy has dished out some serious bangers in the last several years and it’s no wonder we got excited when his new material came through the inbox. He is someone who puts all his efforts into making music that speaks to the listener in a way that gets ingrained on the memory, in his own words – Each track has a piece from my mind and my soul. With a philosophy like this you can be sure that only the best will do.

Stay Safe is a thundering Techno monster. From timid intro, to the pounding kick drums and chest pumping bass, this one is destined to destroy the floors, kitchen floors in lockdown or club floors when the world opens up again. Retro themed synth plucks and a raft of FX combine in this epic 12-minute ride that will leave you breathless and wanting more. A slow burner that climaxes into a frenzied, metallic driven sequence, this one will not disappoint.

Monos opens with a muted kick, cascading plink plonk sequences and a mesmerizing cosmic vibe. Huge, arena shattering kick drums power through alongside those surreal arpeggios and sinister echoed stabs. Deep rooted, dark matter converges, entering your mind and taking over. Classic style chord sequences build and build to the break where they become infected, transforming into mind bending, twisted patterns. This is a straight up monster of a tune that holds no bars, a definite must have.