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Stark EP

Stark EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-10-07

Catalog number: BP8812019

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Stark (Original Mix)
Echo Daft
Second Sight (Original Mix)
Echo Daft
Narayan (Original Mix)
Echo Daft

Dinusha aka Echo Daft is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Sri Lanka. He marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with a triple progressive house workout on his Stark EP. Dinusha began his music career in 2016, as a DJ he was able to earn his spot quickly among the up-and-comers, becoming one of the most sought-after jocks in the progressive community. In his sets, he touches people’s souls with his convincing tunes and melodies. Soon after, he came up with the idea of creating his own record label named AUDIOOVEN. Producing has always been in his veins, having started producing music and beats for popular media and production companies since 2011, experience and skills which he carried over when focusing on making Progressive Music. His definition of music has been shared around the world and has been released on several quality labels.

Stark opens with a solid thumping kick drum and sharp clap accompanied by slicing hi hats. Raw, organic sounds fill the spectrum as plucking synths weave intricate patterns to the backdrop of a rising pad. Sublime melodies are born out this collection of sounds, creating a rich and vibrant atmosphere. Solid beats, Ethnic flavour and strangely eerie FX make for an interesting cut that will not disappoint.

Second Sight takes on a slightly tougher approach with a more in-your-face approach on the drums, they do lash out a solid beat. Classic style riffs fade up, taking us into the stratosphere while a superb, deep, rolling bassline carries the groove forward with ease. Quality FX and a series of short synth ripples add texture as the groove locks you in. A top-notch effort that is not to be missed.

Narayan explores a deeper realm with a slow burning, grooving progressive mover. Nice chunky beats are accompanied by shuffling hats and percussions, creating a cool rhythmic flow. A meandering bassline lurks on the low end as riser FX take us through each section. Ethnic vocals add a tribalistic, raw energy to the groove while the break reveals a more melodic persona. Deep, moody, driving, perfect fodder for the late-night session.




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