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Green Martian GM2017296 8 May, 2017

Jesper Mauerhoff makes the jump from Bonzai Progressive over to our Green Martian imprint with the superb three tracker entitled Sputnik. Last time around we got a dose of this guys amazing sound on the fantastic Chasing Flash which performed very well indeed. No doubt this latest offering will follow suit and gain a lot of attention.

Sputnik delivers a full on space aged classic progressive stomper filled with an array of fantastic sounds. Muted kick drums are joined by a heavy rumbling bassline and shuffling percussions that get the rhythm flowing nicely. A very cool retro styled arpeggio weaves through the track alongside an equally retro themed synth riff and vocals. Extra layers full of quality FX create interesting textures in the sound making this a definite must have.

Outlander is a top notch slice of big, brash progressive house that would be perfectly suited for a peak time slot. Beautifully rich basses move effortlessly through the track and the note changes deliver a sense of euphoria alongside superb melodic pads and keys. Hypnotic arpeggios litter the track as a tight drum arrangement keeps the feet shuffling. A fantastic cut that will not disappoint.

Double Trouble intros with a very cool live sounding drum section that creates a nice upbeat vibe. Retro styled synth stabs come through alongside a wonderful electronic bassline that fades in slowly before taking over the groove for the duration. Expertly crafted drums and percussions dish out a solid rhythm and cascading arps ensure the floors will keep moving. Superb stuff once again that is not to be missed.