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    Sparks Will Fly

    Sparks Will Fly

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2016-03-07

    Catalog number: BP5342016X

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    Sparks Will Fly feat. Anna Julia (Original Mix)
    A.R.E.S, Anna Julia
    Sparks Will Fly feat. Anna Julia (Corey Biggs Remix)
    A.R.E.S, Corey Biggs, Anna Julia
    Sparks Will Fly feat. Anna Julia (Sa.Du Remix)
    Sa.Du, A.R.E.S, Anna Julia
    Sparks Will Fly feat. Anna Julia (Van Czar Remix)
    Van Czar, A.R.E.S, Anna Julia
    Sparks Will Fly feat. Anna Julia (Radio Edit)
    A.R.E.S, Anna Julia

    Argentine musician, composer, DJ and producer Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S shows up on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with the superb – Sparks Will Fly which features two top notch remixes from Sa.Du and Corey Biggs. Ariel has enlisted the stunning vocal talents of Anna Julia and together they create some sublime techno grooves. This one comes after his debut back in August 2015 on Progrez with Beacon, which gained great support from across the board and no doubt this newest slice will follow suit.

    The Original Mix intros with a smooth slowly building groove that boasts a warm techno flavour filled with chunky kicks and a hypnotic percussion. A superb bassline rattles its way through the sound giving a great depth to the track. The dulcet tones of Anna’s vocal mesmerize throughout and really shine through on the break were we’re met with a fantastic synth arp remains a constant force throughout. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

    New Yorker Corey Biggs is up first on remix duty and delivers one hell of a techno slice for our listening pleasure. Corey is fresh off the back of his debut on our Progrez imprint, back at the end of 2015 he gave us the superb Nature Never Sleeps as well as showing up on our Club Traxx Dark & Deep 3 compilation at the turn of this year. On the remix Corey goes straight in with a full on techno make up filled with a cacophony of percussions and chords that intertwine beautifully to deliver an organised chaos type of sound. A solid, pumping groove ensues leaving us in the midst of a wall of sound that batters your senses into submission. Definitely one for the late night parties that will keep everyone on their toes.

    The ever present Sa.Du – who normally resides over at Bonzai Basiks – makes the jump over to BP to dish out a top notch remix, something we are accustomed to from this guy. His last outing was his Body & Soul EP which was made available at the start of this year on Basiks to a great response from many. Here the remix intros with a deep pulsing bass alongside some cool haunting techno inspired sounds. A nice punchy kick drum soon comes through and we are on our way. As the layers build we are treated to a master class in arrangement where perfectly placed noises blend seamlessly into the groove beside an array of cool FX. The vocal eases into the sound and adds a stunning unique character that captivates. This one definitely takes the groove deep and will be a firm favourite among many for sure.

    Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar is up next on remix duties and delivers another one of his deep rooted techno offerings to the release. Recently Van announced the launch of his brand new label CZ, where he aims to showcase only the best techno and deep grooves straight from the underground. The first few releases are looking very tasty indeed so make sure you check out this new venture. On the remix we get a real nice deep and grooving techno vibe with a superb tight drum arrangement that spews out a tribal groove. Cool sounds are littered throughout but it’s those drums that really shine through. The vocals are treated to some cool FX and fit snugly into the deeper elements of the sound. A definite must have with a tendency to rock the flo




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