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Solid Roots EP

Solid Roots EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-03-06

Catalog number: PR2017294

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Mr. Please Please Please (Original Mix)
Distilled Noise
Walking On The Moog (Original Mix)
Distilled Noise

Italian DJ and producer Francesco Tegazzin aka Distilled Noise debuts on Piston Recordings with his Solid Roots EP. Growing up in and around Verona, Francesco found electronic music which he used to express his musical creativity. His roots lie in Blues and Rock n Roll and he uses these influences alongside vintage samples while shaping his own unique groove. We’re glad to have this young up and coming artist on the roster and we hope to see more in the future.

Mr. Please Please Please shows off Francesco’s use of the vintage sound with perfectly placed FX and some very cool vocal samples. The intro boasts a bass free kick drum that is soon joined by layers of percussions that deliver a solid rhythmic groove. The kicks get beefed up and lead us straight to the floor while a lazy bassline meanders through the sound effortlessly. Cool pianos and various other sounds combine beautifully to fill the track out and make it a definite must have for the groovier parties.

Up next we have a track that not only has a cool title but is also a seriously eclectic slice of house music. Walking On The Moog is a wonderful display of multi layered grooves with a nice jazzy rhythmic vibe. A tight drum arrangement carries the track along at a steady pace as a myriad of colourful sounds create rich textured grooves. This one goes all out for the funk factor with some tasty riffs thrown in alongside various vocals. A top notch sliced that will not disappoint.




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