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So Much EP

So Much EP

Label: Monog Records

Release date: 2017-09-18

Catalog number: MNG060

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So Much (Original Mix)
So Much (Live "Cosmic" Mix)
Who Depletes (Original Mix)

Monog Records head honcho Joal delivers our next slice of deep and groovy vibes with the superb So Much EP which comes with a superb live remix. Known for his super smooth eclectic grooves, Joal certainly knows how to deliver the goods.

Joal showcases his talents for live performance with his Live Cosmic Mix of So Much. As we’ve seen in the past (check out his live videos, superb stuff indeed) Joal loves to get into hardware situations where he can tweak his creations into unique moments that capture the essence of his sound. Here he performs the remix to absolute perfection. A more club infused groove is evident thanks to a solid drum arrangement that carries the live element throughout. A deep throbbing bassline runs through the low end while hypnotic chord stabs keep the groove locked on. Subtle melodies play out amongst the lead synths while the vocal adds an air of mystery. An excellent take on the original that will not disappoint.

The Original Mix of So Much sets off with a deep and moody groove filled with dubby beats and shuffling rhythmic hi hats against the backdrop of smouldering pads and subtle bass tones. The pads go through several changing effects as the filters and the gates open up to dish out some very nice combinations. At the midway point a melancholic vocal pops up alongside dark keys that add so much character to the sound and keeping the groove deep in the abyss. The perfect fodder for the late night scene, top notch stuff.

Who Depletes intros with a nice chunky kick full of warm low end and a mesmerizing probing bass note. Shuffling, rhythmic percussions start to form up giving the track a dancefloor appeal while short vocal snippets come through. Melodic keys ease in and blend nicely with the deeper elements as a probing bass fills the spectrum. The track builds into a solid deep tech groover that will definitely keep the floors rocking.




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