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Bonzai Progressive BP7752018 23 July, 2018

Ricardo returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker Smog. This one follows his most recent offering over on our Green Martian imprint with Lily, which proved popular among many. Ricardo has been churning out some top-notch tracks for us lately and he has also been appearing on several other labels. His sound always grabs our attention and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more from him in the future.

Smog is a real smooth, flowing progressive house cut. A nice punchy kick drum leads the way while a probing bassline shores up the low end beautifully. Sweet melodic arpeggios hypnotize as dream FX and a hair raising vocal mesmerizes. Such a captivating groove here, the track slowly lulls you in, wrapping you up in a maelstrom of warm fluffy goodness. The vocal is inspiring with its ethnic edge making this track an absolute must have.

Indian Summer intros with a cool chunky kick drum and shuffling hi hat combo. Dark stabs create a tension as a hypnotic bassline draws us in. In contrast to the sub level frequencies we are treated to some beautifully rich melodic sequences. Soft flutes with Eastern promise mesmerizes the mind as wonderful vocals take us higher. A stunning combination of sounds creating such a dynamic groove that will bring any set to climax. This one will not disappoint.