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Slowly Drifting Into The Night EP

Slowly Drifting Into The Night EP

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2018-02-05

Catalog number: GM2018316

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Slowly Drifting Into The Night (Original Mix)
Expected Mirage
Ripples (Original Mix)
Expected Mirage
Progressions (Original Mix)
Expected Mirage

Estonia based Kristjan Koemets is back on Green Martian with another colourful trip into progressive in the form of his newest slice entitled Slowly Drifting Into The Night EP. It was back in 2015 when we last saw him with his Observers EP. Prior to this he had cuts on Green Martian in 2010 and on Progrez in 2008 with Old Castle then in 2009 with Reflective EP. Remixes also came thick and fast during this period for artists such as Blufeld, Arto Kumanto, Joost Glazenburg, L.A.V.I, D.E.E.P and Zakat Project. Great to see this guy back at the helm and we hope to see more in the future.

Slowly Drifting Into The Night delivers a stunningly deep, warming groove from start to finish. Throughout the track a superb bubbling bassline dominates with its hypnotic allure while searing pads etch into our brains. A solid drum arrangement provides a steady rhythm and is joined by cool synth stabs and subtle arpeggios. A definite contender for the peak time slot, not to be missed.

Right from the off Ripples grabs a hold of you thanks to its infectious rhythmic flow. Punchy kicks are joined by shuffling hi hats and intricate percussion patterns, generating that smooth rhythm. Warm chord stabs fade in alongside a high string creating a mesmeric pattern that is joined by a deep low end bassline. As the layers build the track becomes ever more hypnotic and on the break gated synths bring this home even more. A cool house vibe comes off the groove with a powerful progressive edge also coming through. Top notch stuff and a definite must have.

Progressions intros with a solid punchy kick drum and an offset metallic hi hat. A classic deep bass fades up and is soon joined by a warm melodic sequence. The track dishes out a beautifully crafted progressive groove made up of a myriad of synths and pads coupled with that infectious bassline. The break is a wonderfully harmonious sequence, soaring unbroken melodies run free before the kicks drop with a cool side chain pumping effect ramping up the energy levels. A solid slice that will not disappoint.




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