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Bonzai Progressive BP7252018 15 January, 2018

Bonzai stalwart Nico Parisi returns with another superb cut entitled Silenzio which features a stellar remix from Stan Kolev. Nico is a veteran on the scene with over 20 years in the bag – starting out DJing in several Belgian clubs before releasing his first material on Atmoz. DJing is still a big part of his musical career and in recent years he’s been a regular fixture at our annual Bonzai Retro parties as well as various other huge events in Belgium. On the production front Nico always brings his A game, showcasing his creative prowess and crafting unique progressive soundscapes for our listening pleasure. His last outing here was a specially commissioned remix of Quadran’s Unlovable which went down a real treat among many fans. Prior to this he delivered a solid remix on Stan Kolev’s Circulation.

Nico’s Original Mix sets out with a beautifully serene piece filled with falling melodies and alluring pads. A deep probing bassline punches out of the serenity delivering a darker element and creating a wonderfully contrasting sound that works brilliantly. Tight beats keep the rhythm moving nicely while gated synths start to fade in. The synths become the main focus of the groove and make the track stand out as we get lost in the perfectly executed progressive groove. A wonderful slice from this guy once again, definitely not to be missed.

Fresh off the back of his quality remix on Antidote’s What Time Is Love, Stan Kolev is back on remix duties, reciprocating Nico’s fantastic remix of Circulation. Stan has been churning out quality vibes for over 10 years and in that time he has turned his hand to many styles and genres. He focuses mainly on progressive house but you will find he can dish out top notch deep house, house and tech house with the same dedication and resulting quality. A very much revered artist by his peers, Stan inspires many to reach his standard. His back catalogue is mind blowing and he has appeared on many top rated labels over the years. Here the remix sets off with a nice chunky kick drum and building percussions to the backdrop of a captivating pad. Shuffling hi hats let the rhythms loose as the pads intensify before superb, powerful dirty bassline takes control. Subtle synth hits add cool textures before a hypnotic arpeggio comes through. Notes changes on the bass take us to the next level and on the break this is the dominant force. Another belter of a track out of Florida that you do not want to miss.