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Side Effects EP

Side Effects EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-04-29

Catalog number: BP8442019

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Side Effects (Original Mix)
Kush (MU)
Bonfire (Original Mix)
Kush (MU)

DJ and producer Kush (MU) is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Side Effects EP and this one follows the equally superb Night Owl from the Summer of 2017. Kush was interested and passionate about music since his early childhood. He started to learn the basics of music using a keyboard at the age of 5. Growing up, he discovered the possibility of making music using computers and grabbed the opportunity to develop his skills and talents to produce electronic music. He was also part of a local rock band as a keyboardist. He is into many different genres of music and his electronic music inspirations and selections are rooted in groovy beats, heavy bass lines, emotive chords, dark synths, percussive, melodic and old school soundscapes. Great to have him back for more.

Side Effects intros with a solid chugging bassline and thumping kick drum laced with mesmerizing percussion FX. Crispy shuffling hi hats and sharp claps cut through the low-end clutter to enhance the rhythmic flow as a plucky synth sequence comes through. On the break we find a cool, short vocal which blends beautifully with the synths. A top-notch slice with a hint of tech that will keep the floors moving no doubt.

Bonfire gets moving with a nice punchy kick drum alongside shuffling percussions and a funky bassline. Gated synths are joined by hypnotic tones that boost the track brilliantly. The bassline evolves as the layers build, moving between that funky groover to a fuller in-your-face chugger which also gives the track a much deeper vibe. The groove is upbeat on this one, making it a solid choice in set, this one will not disappoint.




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