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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-05-25

    Catalog number: BP9402020

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    Shecko (Original Mix)
    Hakan Ozurun
    Shecko (PCP Remix)
    PCP, Hakan Ozurun
    Shecko (Cathy K Remix)
    CaThY K, Hakan Ozurun

    Turkish DJ and electronic music producer Hakan Ozurun makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive with Shecko, which follows his debut here with the superb Leave It Be. He started his musical career as a progressive and trance DJ in 2010. After 3 years as a DJ, he found this was not enough for him and so he started making his own originals and remixes in 2013. He started producing and releasing his tracks professionally on Addictive Sounds in 2016. He has released music on BQ Recordings (Proton), Blue Soho Recordings and OHM Music. Some of his releases climbed many charts, including the Beatport top 100.

    Hakan’s Original Mix conjures up a nostalgic progressive sound, filled with hypnotic sequences and a deep, lush bass, the groove lures you in, wrapping you in its warmth. A strong drum presence will keep the dancefloor moving while intricate percussions ensure a flowing rhythm. The track builds to the break where delicate melodies emerge adding contrast to the deeper elements and making this one an absolute must have for the late-night session.

    PCP aka Pieter Claeys returns to BP in remixer mode after his solo debut here with Reaching Out. An oldskool jock who is considered with legendary status, Pieter was busy in the 90’s destroying the roof of the famous Belgian dance music utopia, Balmoral (and still is). He also held a long-term residency at The Temple (formerly Boccaccio). Over the last several years, he’s released a raft of tracks on various labels, including his own, Rewritable Records and sub-label Vintage Deep and has worked with a host of top artists. On the remix here, we get a minimal interpretation of the original. A solid drum section complete with punchy kicks and spritely hats is the driving force, while various percussive elements strengthen the rhythm. On the low, a deep rumbling bassline takes hold against a soft, distant melodic part. Top-notch, not to be missed.

    After a very well received debut on Bonzai Progressive with Saraswati, Maltese DJ, producer Cathy K returns on remix duties. Cathy has been producing for the past 4 years. She incorporates styles such as house-tech house-afro house and progressive, melodic house and DJ’s in the most frequented clubs and events. In her free time, she gets into the studio making music, her productive style incorporates various sounds however her major passion is creating various rhythms with ethnic and African percussions. For her, producing is her therapy since she loves getting lost in music to feel the joyful emotions that stir into her chest. Cathy delivers a superb remix here, edging towards a raw, organic flavour in the sound. The track has a gated quality which allows it to bring many elements together which transfer to the floor. The break opens up a new world, one with swirling pads, quirky notes and that constant, mesmerizing sequence before building back to the main groove for the duration. A fantastic rendition that will not disappoint.




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