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    Shaper Tape

    Shaper Tape

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2015-12-07

    Catalog number: PR2015189

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    Shaper Tape (Original Mix)
    Upright (PT)
    Bite You At The Altar (Original Mix)
    Upright (PT)

    Portuguese DJ and producer Alvaro Martins aka Upright marks his full release debut on Piston with the fantastic two tracker – Shaper Tape. Upright takes a clear vision on how he wants a sound to project, strong rhythms and deep chords, the perfect recipe to light up floors.

    First up we have Shaper Tape which intros with a strong kick drum accompanied by crispy hats and snapping snares. A tight drum arrangement sees the rhythm flow effortlessly in the sound and will definitely get the dancing feet shuffling. A deep throbbing bass rattles its way through the track and provides a solid platform for the deep techy groove to shine. Retro themed basses add that classic touch to the sound and is further enhanced by superb stabbing piano chords. Excellent stuff from Alvaro and we hope to see more soon.

    Bite You At The Altar is up next and again we get a strong intro filled with punchy kicks and crispy hats. A deep probing bass soon follows and takes over the sound as layer continue to build creating depth in the track. Cool FX litter this tech groove and it’s a more sinister sounding effect that gives this one a darker edge. A brilliant vocal comes at the end of a tight buildup and slams us into the groove once more where we get treated to a myriad of cool sounds and various vocal shots that add so much character to the groove. A top notch slice of tech house that will be a welcome addition in any box.




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