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    Shaka EP

    Shaka EP

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-04-27

    Catalog number: BP9332020

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    Shaka (Original Mix)
    Amitayus (Original Mix)
    Acala (Original Mix)

    Narik makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic three tracker titled Shaka EP. This is Narik aka Johann Bomy’s second stint here after his Summer 2019 debut with Try To Understand featuring Zara Taylor. Growing up in the 70’s, Johann experienced all kinds of music, but it was the New Beat, House Music era that really grabbed his attention, making him passionate about electronic music in general. He was always on the lookout for the latest tracks which helped him learn about and want to know more about where the music came from. This turned into a desire to start producing and, since 2017 he has churned out a raft of quality cuts on various labels with a great support base. We’re delighted to have him on board.

    Shaka is a real nice, thick and chunky progressive groover. A solid construction filled with tight beats and a lush bassline allow the track to move effortlessly along. Rhythmic percussions keep things moving as melodic arpeggios trickle down, creating a myriad of colourful sounds. Beautifully hypnotic, the groove attacks the senses in a delightful way, forcing you to move with the flow. A definite must have, no doubt.

    Amitayus intros with a delicate melodic chime as rich pads swell up along with ghostly vocals. A nice punchy kick drum comes through with a crispy hi hat in tow to deliver that floor appeal. Poignant melodies strike a balance in the groove, offering an uplifting vibe. The bassline tugs at the emotions with its warming factor and note changes that enhance the feeling. Such a wonderfully constructed groove that will give pleasure to many.

    Acala rounds up this superb EP, taking us back to deep, chunky progressive house in style. Right from the off we’re locked in thanks to a tight drum section and that lush, probing bassline. A darker pad mesmerizes as more upfront pads are joined by melodic arps. Vibrant tones swell up as the groove gathers momentum, giving this robust slice the fodder to work the floor. On the run up to the break, an Orbital-esque note sequence lures us in, holding us in place for the duration. Top-notch stuff that is not to be missed.




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