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Bonzai Progressive BP4272015 2 March, 2015

Matan is back with the irresistible Serenity which comes backed up with a remix from Audio Noir, enough to get the progressive taste bud flowing. Matan remains a very popular figure at Bonzai, his work always oozes quality and attracts a lot of attention. His last outing Aim To The Moon, did just that having gained top spots across various platforms. Always an exciting time when his stuff comes through the office.

On the Original Mix the track eases into its progressive flow with a strong kick and a selection of sublime strings and pads that give off a nice ethnic flavour. The bassline sits perfectly at the low end and really drives home the deeper side of the groove. Drums and percussion slowly build up and provide a solid rhythm to the backdrop of stunning FX and surreal vocal snippets. At the break huge strings swell up as bright and beautiful pianos plink along the sound before we are taken right back into the main groove for the duration. A superb slice of prog once again from this man and a definite must have.

Australian DJ and producer Audio Noir never lets up on the quality front as he always delivers the goods, his Audio Noir Safari mix on Serenity is no exception and must be heard. Audio Noir kicked off 2015 with Life which gained a lot of support all over and he is currently working on other material, which is exciting as he always likes to delve into different styles, drawing inspiration from unlikely sources. Much more to come from this guy in the months ahead so stay tuned. The remix intros with a beautifully constructed sequence filled with bright melodic notes and tribalistic slapped drums. The layers just keep on building as wave after wave of rich strings and pads sweep across a steady chord layout. Whispered voices bring an air of mystery to the sound that builds a lot of character into the track. We get a superb dosing of strummed guitars that lead up to the tight beats as the melodies continue to float by before the track settles into its progressive groove filled with probing basses and shuffling hats. A fantastic cut yet again that you will not want to miss.