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    Sequence EP

    Sequence EP

    Label: Bonzai Basiks

    Release date: 2017-06-26

    Catalog number: BB2017187

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    Sequence (Original Mix)
    DistRhythm (Original Mix)

    Orenda returns with another techno slice entitled Sequence EP which is a follow up to their very successful debut – Shade EP. This dynamic duo is made up of two Belfast lads – Louis Irvine and Conor Doherty and together they are tapping in to the pumping techno niche with gusto and versatility. Their debut ranked high in many charts, with a top 10 placing on Beatport among others. They received positive feedback from many jocks as both tracks from the EP ripped up floors around the world. After speaking to both these guys we can tell they have plenty more to offer and are ferociously keen to spread their magical techno dust across the globe. Keep an eye on Orenda, they’re lurking and ready to pounce with more absolute stompers.

    Sequence unleashes its solid techno groove right from the off as we’re lashed with powerful punchy kick drums and cool shuffling hi hat patterns. Darkly mysterious pads add a wonderful textured layer to the sound as a rumbling bassline fades in alongside a mesmeric filtered synth. Those mystical pads remain a constant throughout blending effortlessly into the groove. On the break we’re taken to another realm thanks to the additional pads and droning bass before those tight beats return for the duration. A wonderfully atmospheric slice of techno goodness you will not want to miss.

    DistRhythm is another fine example of the talent on offer from this duo. We’re taken on an extra-terrestrial trip with one as other-worldly sounds are gathered together. Leading the way is a solid drum arrangement featuring tight chunky beats and a fantastic rhythmic percussion section. On the low end we find the deepest of basses, rumbling along and shoring up the groove nicely while up top dark voices and mesmeric pads keep us locked on to the backdrop of cosmic infused sounds. A very powerful number here that is definitely going to give the bass bins a workout.




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