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    Secret Lover

    Secret Lover

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2014-11-17

    Catalog number: BP4082014

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    Secret Lover (Original Mix)
    Secret Lover (Tali Freaks Remix)
    Tali Freaks, A.M.X
    Secret Lover (Manuel Palmitesta Remix)
    A.M.X, Manuel Palmitesta

    Cypriot DJ and producer Andreas Metaxas aka A.M.X debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime Secret Lover. Andreas started out DJing from a young age as he had the urge to share his own electronic music experience with everyone. He began to play regularly at top clubs in 2008 which led to sharing line-ups with the likes of Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Wippenberg and more. Currently based in the UK Andreas has seen releases on various labels including Karmak Records, Disco Rebels Records, Paprika Musika and Polytechnic Records among others. Lots of new stuff in the pipeline for this guy and we are delighted to have him here at Bonzai Progressive. Secret Lover comes with two fantastic remixes from Tali Freaks and Manuel Palmitesta.

    The Original Mix intros with a silky smooth deep vibe as a warm sweeping pad flows beautifully alongside a nice punchy kick and subtle percussion arrangement. As the layers build a strong house groove is born allowing you to get lost in its hypnotic state. On the break a brilliant, raspy evocative vocal captures your imagination and keeps you locked on. Top notch stuff that will appeal to many.

    Tali Freaks is up first on the remix with a truly sublime cut. We last saw Tali Freaks back in May this year with his Set The Sun on Eyepatch Recordings. The remix here intros with a cool deep kick as bright percussions begin to stitch together forming a flowing rhythmic vibe. The vocals work well and leads us to a smooth stepping bassline that will definitely get those asses shakin. A pure house vibe with a funky undertone that will be a welcome addition in any set.

    Manuel Palmitesta returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duty after his superb remix on Ecco’s switch during the summer. Here he toughens up the groove with a nice chunky kick and sharp percussions that bond well to deliver a tight drum arrangement. A deep pulsating bass sits on the offset beat giving that driving vibe to the sound. Cool house vibes with a sprinkling of techno giving off a very groovy feeling, definitely one to watch.




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