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Scorpia – Crocy Remix

Scorpia – Crocy Remix

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-12-25

Catalog number: BP7202017

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Scorpia (Crocy Remix)
Crocy, DJ Marco Bailey

We continue our special 25 Years remix series with another inspiring classic cut from the archives. This time Crocy gets to grips with the fantastic Scorpia from Belgian DJ and producer (and legend) Marco Bailey. This 1996 gem was Marco’s first foray into the Bonzai world. A pumping instant classic that rocked out many venues in its day. With its distinct Bonzai sound, this one slotted beautifully into many sets, easily crossing over the techno/trance boundary. The original release also included three other top notch cuts Tyrex, Bambu and Sunbeam which made for a very desirable must-have-track. On the remix we find one of modern day Bonzai’s most prolific artists – Crocy. This guy has given us a plethora of quality cuts over the years and is an integral part of what the Bonzai sound represents today. He began his musical career back in 1992 when he was attending musical school in his hometown. He played the accordion for seven years and travelled through different genres of music, which influences his performances even now. An experienced DJ, Crocy embraced the digital world and all the possibilities it brings while holding on to his analogue past. His many years as an artist are evident in his tracks and sets and his last outing for Bonzai Progressive – Passion – tells that tale.

On the remix Crocy gives us his progressive twist on a retro sound and the result is this stunning slice. The intro boasts a nice and chunky kick drum offset by crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions. A gritty synth bass lurks which is joined by mesmeric pads and a rising melodic arp. The main bassline drops and the track lifts off settling us into the solid progressive groove. On the break we are treated to a dosing of those superb synths and the classic Scorpia melody that made the track so famous. The original sounds are recreated beautifully in a contemporary style, this gives the track a timeless feel which would work perfectly in any set. A definite must have track for the veterans and the up-and-comers alike.




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