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    Sands Of Marrakech

    Sands Of Marrakech

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2016-11-21

    Catalog number: BP5992016

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    Sands Of Marrakech (Original Mix)
    Christopher Hermann
    Athens Lights (Original Mix)
    Christopher Hermann

    DJ and producer Christopher Hermann aka Kristof Hermann returns for his third stint on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Sands Of Marrakech. Kristof has established himself as a top artist on the scene with releases on various labels and appearances on several compilations. It’s nice to see him back at BP and we’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing much more in the future.

    Sands Of Marrakech intros with a warm kick drum and subtle percussion arrangement that draws you in to its shuffling rhythmic sequence. A deep probing bassline comes through to take the reins as we are led deep into the progressive world. Cosmic synths play out surreal melodies creating an almost dreamlike state that you will find yourself completely hooked on. A complex sound design offers up a mystical take on the ancient city of Marrakech making this a definite must have track.

    Athens Lights takes us on a sublime journey filled with wonderfully crafted deep basses and cascading arps that fill the spectrum beautifully. The intro delivers a solid progressive vibe right from the off as a tame kick drum sits behind a superb bassline and those mesmerizing arps. The track gives off an almost utopian vibe as those synths combine. A cool percussion section generates smooth rhythms that marry up perfectly with the majestic sounds of Greece. Deeply hypnotic and Ethnically charged, a superb slice of prog that is not to be missed.




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