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Roulette EP

Bonzai Progressive BP6672017 17 July, 2017

Fresh off the back of their last Bonzai Porgressive slice – Yellow Leaves and a remix on Doriaan’s Buffet Froid, Gabriel West and Ricardo Piedra return with the sublime Roulette EP. These guys have been working together now for a couple of years and they’ve racked up quite an impressive release count on many top labels including Electrified Mindz, Krata, Dlimited, Egothermia, Zero and many more. They also enjoy DJing at various venues where they dish out their own brand of deep prog and infectious techno. They’re certainly carving a niche for themselves in the underground scene, well worth keeping an eye on.

Roulette comes at us with a nice chunky kick drum and distant percussions before the track explodes with a chugging bassline and sharp snares alongside bright hi hats that deliver a tight rhythm. The track dishes out a dark and sinister groove thanks to that powerful bassline and accompanying synths. The break reveals an even darker side as chilling sounds lurk before we’re slammed right back into full on mode for the duration. A must have for the darker rooms no doubt.

Petrol wastes no time in getting right into the groove as punchy kick drums are joined by a surreal pad. The pad dissolves to leave a hypnotic synth note and some scattered percussions. A powerful synth stab takes centre stage as a magnificent deep and probing bassline fades in to the backdrop of an evolving, hypnotic arpeggio. This is one strong and solid progressive cut that is destined to cause havoc on the floors, absolutely not to be missed.