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Bonzai Progressive BP8022018 12 November, 2018

Ivan Nikusev and Steiss debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Rising which is backed up with two solid remixes. These guys have been working together for a number of years now, boasting several releases on a host of labels with great support from across the board. Macedonian DJ and producer Ivan hails from the old school progressive scene and this one marks his full BP debut, he has appeared on a few compilations for us in the past and it’s great to have him on full release duty. In 2011 he founded OLD SQL Recordings which has built a solid artist and fan base across the world. His experience as a DJ took him to many countries and their festivals as well as guest spots on many radio shows. His own tracks have been championed by the cream of the crop and have been released on top labels including JOOF Recordings, Perfecto and Enhanced to name just a few. His friend and studio partner Steiss aka fellow countryman Daniel Trajkovski is more of a mysterious character who has worked extensively with Ivan in the past. He has also appeared on several labels and his distinct sound resonates through the scene. We’re delighted to have both guys here.

The Original Mix delivers a very nice and well rounded progressive groover. Solid beats and rhythmic percussions lead the way as a superb, rolling bassline takes over the low end. Sweeping FX and pads heighten the atmosphere as melodic arpeggios draw us deeper into the groove. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Hisham Sabbah follows his impressive Mars EP debut with this stunning remix. Also known as Eltimass he hails from the underground scene in Haifa City, known for his progressive house and tech house sounds. In 2016 he opened his music bar in Haifa to promote culture and music in his hometown and made the scene even bigger in that area. On the remix here, Hisham provides an energetic take on the original. A powerful bassline lies at the core, driving the groove while tight beats and mesmerizing arps keep us locked in. Beautiful, soft vox pads add contrast making this an absolute must have, no doubt.

Following Light returns to BP with a quality remix which follows his last effort here alongside K.Oshkin with Return To Sources. Ukrainian born Kirill Guk has remained a constant force in the progressive house world since 2010 having released quality music on a vast selection of labels. His music continues to feature heavily in sets across the globe and he has worked with some top artists along the way. He runs his own collection of labels under his Inmost Records brand with a plethora of releases already under his belt. Always great to have him here at BP. The remix here takes us deeper into the progressive abyss with a sublime sequence of sounds designed to dig deep into the mind. A tight drum arrangement leads the way as a 303 laced bassline turns up the heat alongside cool FX and an intriguing melodic narrative. A superb cut that is not to be missed.