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Return To The Right Path

Bonzai Progressive BP7712018 2 July, 2018

Ivan Lu debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the impressive Return To The Right Path which features two solid remixes from Ewan Rill and Dofamine. For several years now, Ivan has been shaping his wonderfully unique progressive sound and has appeared on several top labels in the process. He’s also worked with a lot of talented artists during this time including Paul Lennar, Bob The Groove, Following Light and quite a few collabs with Ewan Rill. Great to have him here at BP.

The Original Mix gives us a cool rhythmic, tribal style percussion intro which is laced with spacey FX before a solid thumping kick drum filters into the sound. A deep, droning heavy bassline dominates as the drums get beefed up, providing a tight danceable groove. Anthemic synths tease as that tough edged groove takes a firm hold. On the break the synths are let loose bringing a rich, nostalgic vibe to the track. An absolute beast of a tune that is not to be missed.

We welcome back Ewan Rill on remix duties and once again we witness a superb progressive slice. This remix follows his last outing alongside K. Loveski and their Ametino EP which proved popular among many. He has more than a thousand tracks across a multitude of labels and he remains a leading artist in the electronic music world. He enjoys great support from top DJ’s and he has also played alongside some of the world’s best-known jocks. Ewan takes us deeper into the progressive sound with this latest remix. The track intros with a nice and solid punchy kick drum which is offset by sharp hi hats. A super deep pulsing bassline takes control of the groove as layered basses add depth creating a spacious sound. Soft synths fade up to balance the groove and on the break, we are treated to a sublime melodic sequence before crashing back to the main track for the duration. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

Russian based producer Dofamine returns with an awesome remix which follows his last effort here – Star Light. Dofamine never fails to impress and releases on the likes of Suffused, ICONYC and Stripped Recordings as well as the mighty Bonzai have secured his place at the top of the progressive pile. The remix here sets off with a cool percussion pattern which is soon joined by a tight thumping kick drum. A deep rumbling bassline slowly fades up with a sinister intent before levelling out alongside cosmic synths to deliver a unique blend of captivating progressive house music. The break takes us deeper into the abyss as those hypnotic synths come in while the bassline rumbles along. This track offers an epic groove that will leave you wanting more and more, a definite must have.