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Remix Files

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-06-19

Catalog number: BP6572017

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Breaking Danger (Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi Remix)
Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert
Hiccup (Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi Remix)
Phi Phi, Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert

Legendary DJ and producer Phi Phi digs out two of his floorfillers for the remix treatment, and we couldn’t be more happier with the results. The tracks in focus are the 2016 smasher Breaking Danger and the impressive Hiccup from 2015. Helping Philippe at the mixing desk is his long time studio partner Roddy Reynaert and yet again these two musical geniuses come up with the goods.

First up we have a wonderfully hypnotic remix of Breaking Danger which goes deep into progressive right from the get go. Punchy kick drums and subtle hi hats lead the way to the backdrop of a rumbling bass and intense pad. Cool FX litter the sound as the intensity levels increase thanks to that prominent, mesmerizing gated pad. Expertly crafted percussions drive the track beautifully, leading us into its dark and mysterious grasp. The vocal adds an extra layer of awesome as Walter White narrates keeping our intrigue. An absolute stomper of a track that you do not want to miss.

Hiccup is next for the Roddy and Phi Phi remix treatment and once again these two blow us away with another sublime effort. Chunky kicks lead the way before a deep and lush bassline takes over. The bassline is right on point here as it drives the progressive groove alongside a tight drum section that provides a steady flowing rhythm. Subtle spoken vocals play out in the distance adding mystery and intrigue while short bursts of acid seep through the groove. This one will definitely move the floors, an unmistakable must have, no doubt.




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