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Reflections EP

Bonzai Progressive BP5272016 15 February, 2016

Diego Alvez makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a hiatus, with the fantastic two tracker – Reflections EP. Diego’s last outing on BP was back in 2013 with Sleepless Night, but he has appeared on several compilations across various labels over the last couple of years. His brilliant remix of Loquai’s We Love The Night gained great support after it appeared on Bonzai & Friends Underground Progressive Collection. Great to have this guy back at the helm and we hope to see more soon.

First up we have the title track Reflections which takes us on a superb deep house fuelled journey of epic proportions. A nice pounding kick drum leads the way as a throbbing bass begins to leak into the sound. Soft hats start to form up and fade slowly into the sound as we become hooked on the hypnotic nature of the sound. Swirling pads fill the background and bring a richness to the sound that bonds beautifully with the lower frequencies. This one goes deep, seriously deep, so get ready to have your mind lured into this wonderfully surreal expansive sound.

Deep Lights intros with a nice thumping kick drum and a subtle drum bringing up the rear. The kick drum leaves a cool tone on the end and adds depth to the construction. Shuffling hats find their way and let the rhythm loose while the track builds up a solid groove. We find ourselves locked on to the drum arrangement and suddenly a beautifully lush house chord comes through and transforms the track into a deep groovy monster with a subtle retro theme. The break focuses in on those chords to perfection as they keep the groove alive before making way for those fantastic drums and getting the bootys shakin once more. Awesome stuff from Diego here, a definite must have track you will not want to miss.