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Red Tram

Red Tram

Label: After Dark Records

Release date: 2019-09-16

Catalog number: AD2019003

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Red Tram (Original Mix)

Those Old Rave Bastards from O.R.B. are on the loose again, churning out yet another banging Techno joint in the form of Red Tram. CJ Bolland, Steve Cop and Dany Van Der Rieten aka DJ Steel just cannot stay away from the studio, we can only imagine the fun they’re having coming up with tracks like this. Since the launch of After Dark and the debut release, It’s Just Music followed by Sonic Solution’s The Hornet, the message has been clear, have fun and enjoy the music. The guys have laid down a sound which represents all the pristine glory of modern production techniques alongside the very essence of that nostalgic sound from the heydays of rave. They have impressed so far and we have no doubt this will continue, come along for the ride and simply enjoy the music.

Red Tram opens with a dark infused kick drum and some gnarly stabs. A sinister pad rises up bringing an air of anticipation and intensity. The pads dissipate to reveal a classic synth stab laced with pure Techno alongside a very recognisable vocal shot. The kicks are mesmerizing as they pound out a solid rhythm along with shuffling hats and strategic claps and snares. A short break raises the bar after a raucous climax before settling into the groove once again. The main break delivers a strong retro themed buzzing bassline and infectious vox before a snare roll takes us into full on mode for the duration. A monster tune for the arenas or the clubs that will not disappoint.




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