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Reality Parts

Reality Parts

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-12-11

Catalog number: BP7172017

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Reality Parts (Original Mix)
Andrew Lewis
Lumina (Original Mix)
Andrew Lewis
Wait (Original Mix)
Andrew Lewis

Scottish DJ and producer Andrew Lewis debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic three track slice entitled Reality Parts. Andrew is an electronic music producer with almost two decades of experience. He started out in progressive music and quickly found a niche with his sublime sound. With releases under Se7enth Fury, Grammaton Records and Sold Soul Records he continues to make a big splash in the industry. He combines a deep knowledge of various genres along with solid DJ skills, definitely one to keep an eye and an ear on and we’re delighted to have him on board.

First up we have the superb title track Reality Parts which delivers a solid, meaty progressive slice that will sit perfectly in the peak time slot. Driving beats and beautifully arranged percussions generate a cool rhythm while a rolling bassline gets the progressive juices flowing. On the break soft saw synths open up creating a dynamic sound before sharp acid style stabs bring us back to full on mode. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

Lumina intros with a pacey kick drum and cool synth note combo as crispy hi hats and rhythmic percussions form up. A chugging, thick bassline takes over and we’re locked on to this sizzling, up tempo progressive groove. Cool FX and strong pads fill out the background while stabbing synth chords tease the senses. On the break the synths transform into a cool building arpeggio that sits nicely alongside the gritty basses. A definite peak time monster for sure.

Wait sets out with a solid punchy kick drum and subtle percussion combi complete with a probing bass note that fills out beautifully into a full blown driving stomper. Melodic keys come through on the first break and set us up nicely for the ensuing trek into the progressive world. The main break offers a respite from the driving groove with cool ambient pads and cascading arps before we’re thrust right back into full on mode for the duration. Fantastic stuff that will not disappoint.




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