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    Reaching Out

    Reaching Out

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-03-16

    Catalog number: BP9242020

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    Reaching Out (Original Mix)
    Reaching Out (BTG Remix)
    PCP, BTG

    Fresh off the back of his Bonzai Progressive debut, Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1) alongside Olivier Pieters, PCP aka Pieter Claeys returns in solo mode with the superb Reaching Out. An oldskool jock who is considered with legendary status, Pieter was busy in the 90’s destroying the roof of the famous Belgian dance music utopia, Balmoral (and still is). He also held a long-term residency at The Temple (formerly Boccaccio). Over the last several years, he’s released a raft of tracks on various labels, including his own, Rewritable Records and sub-label Vintage Deep. Great to see him back and we hope to see more in the future.

    The Original Mix intros with a solid, thumping kick drum and shuffling hi hat sequence. Various percussive layers join in to create a smooth rhythmic flow. The track breaks to reveal a fading in 303 sequence which is joined by a short riser before jolting us into the main groove. Here we’re bombarded with superb acid line with distorted edges that keeps us hooked. Grizzly stabs and a deep subby bass add depth and dance appeal. The main break is a slow building affair which climaxes in a raucous snare roll before the beats return for the duration. Top-notch stuff, not to be missed.

    BTG aka Bob The Groove is back on remix duties, something he has been doing for us for quite a while now, alongside solid solo efforts. Always delivering with quality in mind, he has been turning his attention to the 303 over recent times, with awesome effect. His last outing was a top-notch tweak on Krain’s Abstract. He is certainly starting this new decade with a view to blow our minds with his superior knob twiddling talents. Here is goes straight to the acid once again. BTG leans right into full on acid mode from the get go. A solid, chunky kick drum and crispy hi hat combo leads the way, followed by a groovy bassline that shores up the low end. The relentless 303 sequence slowly builds with the odd vocal shot thrown in. High strings and a distant melody add flavour as the tension rises. The 303 lines just keep rising and rising, filters opening, envelopes widening and gritty distortion all make for a classic riff that does not disappoint.




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