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Bonzai Progressive BP5262016 8 February, 2016

Belgian progressive house stalwart Nico Parisi returns to Bonzai Progressive in fine form to deliver his newest cut, Raklet. His last outing came back in November 2015 when he gave us the exclusive track Salva Mi which featured on the Bonzai and Friends 500 compilation. Shortly after this he appeared on remix duty for Alexey Lisin’s Try My Soul as well as on various compilations with previous tracks such as Cacaooh. Great to see this guy back at the helm and we always know we get only the very best quality recordings when his sounds drop into the office. Raklet comes backed up with two quality remixes.

The Original Mix intros with a cool clicky percussion as a deep pad swirls underneath. Shuffling hats join in alongside a cool chunky kick that combines to deliver a mesmerizing sequence. As the track gathers pace we are introduced to various sounds that create a surreal atmosphere with a cosmic vibe. The break throws in some interesting sounds that carry the slightest melodies that builds on the surrealness of the track. A truly deep progressive groove that that would be a welcome addition in any set.

Following Light aka Ukranian born Kirill Guk makes the jump from Green Martian to Bonzai Progressive for remix duties. He debuted back in November 2015 with the superb Dell on GM and prior to this he had a fantastic remix on Samotarev’s Midnight Pinball. The remix intros with a nice wide open chunky kickdrum that sets the scene for this superb progressive journey. A rumbling bassline sits on the low end menacingly as cool synths come through and glide across the top. An array of different sounds greets each section of the track and tell their own story as that relentless bassline drives the track. On the break we get a nice contrasting sound as the low end meets the high before we get slammed back into the main track for the duration, top notch stuff indeed.

Recent Bonzai Progressive debutant Quantus returns to BP and hops on to the remix for a fine slice of progressive goodness. His debut track, Pass Through Time EP, was very well received with great support all over and we’ve no doubt that this remix will follow suit. A big punchy kick greets us on the intro of Quantus’s remix and is joined by crispy hats and sharp claps to get the rhythm flowing. The bassline bursts through and rumbles right through the track taking full control carrying us along on its chugging journey. We head into the break for a short respite were we are met with some surreal wispy pads and pulsating synths all wrapped up in a beautiful soundscape. The main groove kicks back in and we get locked on once more. A definite must have in any set, this one will not disappoint.