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Rain Upon My Skin

Bonzai Progressive BP7392018 12 March, 2018

  • Rain Upon My Skin (Original Mix)


In pursuit of sublime underground dance music, legendary Belgian artist Airwave returns with a superb track that puts him on a new path, a more direct path that will bring a much more refined underground sound. We remain in awe at this guys talents, ever since those blistering synths on I Want To Believe and the hypnotic grooves of Venus Of My Dreams, we’ve been hooked on his sound. His vast back catalogue is to be revered and honoured and, his crowd pleasing sets are up there with the best. The past 2 years have been great for Laurent, he is a very much in demand DJ with gigs all over the world gaining him the recognition he deserves. A State Of Trance – Utrecht, Bonzai Classics at Fuse and Trance Unity Rave in Canada, Legacy Festival and Dance Love Hub are just a few of the upcoming events Laurent will play at and, the bookings continue to come in. To the delight of many, his famed remix of Jam & Spoon’s Odyssey To Anyoona finally got an official release and quickly became one of the hottest tracks on the scene. We’re always excited when he drops a new track on us and we just know we’ll be seeing much more in 2018.

Rain Upon My Skin opens with a solid pumping kick drum and crispy hi hat combined alongside cool percussions. A wonderfully rich multi layered pad fades up giving the track an intensity and a lot of depth. After a short break infectious stabs and sweet melodies join forces bringing a superb underground groove with a tight rhythmic flow. Airwave productions don’t normally contain vocals, but here Laurent has made an exception. The main break delivers a surreal sequence with warming vocals that sends shivers down your spine as well as that unmistakable Airwave sound. A subtle climax takes us back to the main groove for the duration making this another absolute stomper and a must have no doubt.