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Bonzai Progressive BP6632017 3 July, 2017

The massively talented Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx returns with another fine slice of progressive house for our listening pleasure in the form of his latest two tracker entitled Quarantine. This one marks his 5th Bonzai Progressive cut with each one gaining great support. He’s also appeared on several of our compilations as well as our Bonzai Basik Beats radio show. Always one to keep an eye on, this guy never disappoints.

Quarantine intros with a solid punchy kick drum and crispy hi hat combi that is soon joined by a raucous bassline that drives the track beautifully into the realms of deep progressive house. A tight percussion arrangement forms up getting the rhythm into full swing while whispered voices and surreal pads fill the groove. Melodic notes cut through the deeper elements as an intensity builds before the break throws out a scathing lead synth adding an extra layer of cosmic vibes. Sublime stuff that is not to be missed.

Virtual Voyage sets out with shuffling hi hats before a nice and chunky kick drum takes over. A deep and probing bassline soon comes through to drive the groove, taking us deeper into the progressive abyss. Cool riser FX intro additional layers of sound creating a rich tapestry filled with melodies and mystery. The main synth carries a subtle retro theme that works very well indeed with the modernistic arrangement. Mesmeric and hypnotic that one will not disappoint.