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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-01-15

Catalog number: BP7242018

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Protest (Original Mix)
Inside (Original Mix)

Belgian DJ and producer Jazzawesz marks his full debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker entitled Protest. We got a taste of his sound back in 2015 with an appearance on our My House Is Your House 12 compilation as well as a listing on The Secrets of the Trade 005 in 2016. Over the last few years he’s been racking up an extensive back catalogue on several top labels, making a respected reputation for quality in the process. Great to have him on board here at BP.

Protest brings a solid tech fuelled slice to Bonzai Progressive and right from the off we know we’re in for a treat as a classic kick and hi hat combi get the feet shuffling. Warm chord stabs lure you in to the groove as cool chanting vocals captivate. A deep and groovy bassline fills the low end as melodic elements come through alongside a super smooth saxophone. Rhythmic slapped drums and a tight percussion arrangement keep this one moving nicely as ultra funky keys dance along the ivories. Top notch stuff for the groovier sets no doubt.

Inside delivers a beautifully warming vibe right from the get go as sultry chords are matched with subtle keys and an intriguing vocal. A tight broken beat leads us to a full on 4×4 groove filled with chunky kicks and raspy percussions. Funky deep house elements fill the spectrum before an alluring ballad style saxophone grabs the attention to the backdrop of rich and warm keys. If you’re looking for that perfect late night sound, here it is.




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