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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2016-10-10

    Catalog number: BP5902016

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    Primavera (Original Mix)
    Primavera (Nico Parisi Remix)
    Nico Parisi, Platunoff
    Primavera (Koschk Remix)
    Platunoff, Koschk
    Primavera (Jamie Baggotts Remix)
    Jamie Baggotts, Platunoff

    Russian DJ and producer Igor Platunoff returns with Primavera and this time he is flying solo after a successful collaboration with Blufeld on their superb cut Tiefe Gedanken back in May 2016. Tiefe Gedanken was also Igor’s full Bonzai debut as he’d previously been contributing top notch remixes and appearing on various compilations. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from this guy in the future. We’ve enlisted the talents of three top notch artists who bring in their own unique flavour to the track. Nico Parisi, Koschk and Jamie Baggotts join Platunoff on this progressively charged pack with some fantastic results.

    First up though we have the Original Mix which delivers a wonderfully smooth progressive flowing sound. Nice chunky kick drums are offset by crispy hi hats that cut through the low frequencies with ease. A deep bassline wraps itself around the track bringing a deep warmth as subtle melodics dominate the mid range. Throughout the track mesmerizing pads keep us firmly locked on. Brilliant stuff.

    Nico Parisi is up first on the remix and he takes the core melody from the original and transforms it into a spellbinding hypnotic endeavour that digs deep into your soul. Subtle acid lines lie in wait, teasing as the track goes deeper. The break dishes out a surreal sequence full of wonderful plucked strings that create cool textures. A real nice slice of deep prog that is not to be missed. Koschk is up next with his remix and he certainly beefs up the sound with a fantastic punchy kick drum and rhythmic percussion arrangement. Stabby bass synths stand out as the layers are built and are contrasted against some superb vocal samples. The track is a much more raw offering than the original and on the break this becomes more evident as those plucks dish out an organic flavour backed with harsher synths. A dancefloor destroyer for sure and a definite must have. Jamie Baggotts finishes up this pack with a sublime cut that just oozes pure progressive bliss from the outset. A solid punchy kick drum leads the way and is backed with rhythmic hi hats and an ever increasing percussion section. Surreal space age pads create a very cool atmosphere as the bassline chugs through the sound. The track toughens up as it evolves with the slightest hint of melody creeping through. A brilliant display once again from Jamie that will grab a lot of attention.




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