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Bonzai Progressive BP7742018 16 July, 2018

Russlan returns to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a break with the fantastic Pomegranate. This one comes a couple of years after his equally superb The Universe Within Us. He has also made appearances on many quality labels such as Green Martian, Mistique Music, Mystic Carousel, BQ Recordings, Green Snake, Innertek Recordings and Deepsessions to name a few He is a modest producer who ‘just makes music’, but we think he is something special and we hope to see more in the future.

The Original Mix takes us on a journey filled with varying cultural sounds in the form of tribalistic rhythmic drums and dreamy melodies. The track is powered by a deep rolling bassline that sits beautifully on the low end, allowing the musical elements of the track to shine. Constructed with expert precision, a series of intricate patterns converge into a mesmerizing coherent structure that takes us to another level. An absolute beauty of a track that is not to be missed.

Fresh from his last outing here with The Renaissance Sound Of Podgorica we welcome Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm on remix duties, and it’s safe to say he turns in a solid effort that will not disappoint. On the remix here, we are treated to Ognjen’s signature progressive style. The track opens with a nice thumping kick drum as subtle melodies start to form up. Soft hi hats and percussion elements drive a smooth rhythm as dark, probing basses start to fade in. The main bassline gives the groove a boost as it rolls through the sound alongside those soft melodies. One for the deeper sets that go on into to the night.

The masterful Manu Riga is back at the remix desk with yet another sublime slice. Manu Riga has been busy on the remix front with a few scheduled for release around the same time, worth keeping an eye out for those. The remix opens with a solid thumping kick drum as a subtle acid style bass fades up alongside mesmerizing pads. That Manu Riga signature sound oozes out of the track, taking us on a sublime journey we don’t want to end. Anticipation builds as the layers stack up with the beautifully crafted bassline at the core, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of sound. The break is expansive, starting out as soft melody driven sequences to a breaks style montage before we head right back into full on mode. This one is sure to keep the floors moving, an absolute must have track.