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    Point G

    Point G

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2015-02-16

    Catalog number: BP4242015

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    Point G (Original Mix)
    Christopher Hermann
    High Heels & Lingerie (Original Mix)
    Christopher Hermann

    DJ and producer Christopher Hermann debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime Point G. Also known as KristUf Hermann, he has been a lover of music all his life. His early years were spent listening to lots of music, but in 2003 everything changed after hearing Hernan Catteneo’s Renaissance Master Of Series. Progressive House became something he would pursue with gusto and he started to as much tracks as he could. In 2007 he made his first mixes under the name Christopher Hermann and quickly gained a reputation as a respected DJ with quality tunes and tight mixes. His tracks have appeared on labels like Klinik Room, Emotional Noise, BQ Recordings, Balkan Connection South America, Clinique Recordings and Crosslink Music. A fine addition to the label and hopefully more to come in the future.

    First up we have Point G with its stunningly deep bass driven intro. Phat kicks are layered over a throbbing deep bass as wispy sounds fly through the sound. The rhythm gathers pace with the introduction of a cool hat and clap pattern. The track takes on an erotic flavour as various voices seduce the senses with their sexual appeal. Dark toned stabs litter the groove with cool house textures as the progressive edge drives the track. On the break things heat up to a feverish pitch as a female voice groans with pleasure before that huge kick and bass combo returns. Superb stuff that will go down a treat in the darker rooms.

    High Heels & Lingerie intros with a snappy kick and a smooth plucked bass sequence while swirling stynths create a cool atmosphere. The groove goes deep here as that bass etches into your brain, hypnotizing your mind with its progressive prowess. Cascading notes bring a hint of melody as the layers build and create a solid rhythmic flow alongside the crispy hats and percussions. The break lets loose on the synths before slamming right back into the main groove. A top notch progressive cut you will not want to miss.




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