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Plastic Vibes

Plastic Vibes

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2015-07-06

Catalog number: BP4622015

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Plastic Vibes (Original Mix)
Tech Dealer
Plastic Vibes (Manuel Palmitesta Remix)
Manuel Palmitesta, Tech Dealer
Plastic Vibes (Crocy Remix)
Crocy, Tech Dealer

Moscow based DJ and producer Vlad Nikulin aka Tech Dealer debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Plastic Vibes. This guy is into all sorts of styles from Deep House and Tech through to Acid and Detroit Techno. In 2013 he released Yellow Brick on Piko Music Deep with much acclaim from within the Deep House world. Plastic Vibes comes backed up with two top class remixes from Bonzai stalwarts Crocy and Manuel Palmitesta.

The Original Mix of Plastic Vibes sets out with a crispy fresh round of bright percussions alongside a smooth warming pad and punchy kicks. The track breaks to reveal a powerful, probing bass that punches through the sound and takes full control of the groove. You will soon find yourself locked into the dancey house grooves on offer here as the synths deliver some cool chord play that give the sound contrasting textures. Definitely a must have track for the bouncey floors.

Manuel Palmitesta returns to Bonzai Progressive with another of his superb remixes. Here he transforms the original into a deep fuelled progressive house vibe that delivers a sublime experience. Right from the off the tone is set to deep with those long release bass notes and chunky bass drums. The track settles into a tight groove that keeps going deeper with the introduction of a sinister, distant vocal as haunting FX swirl around. An awesome slice of deep progressive house that will be the perfect fodder for those late night escapades.

Crocy turns up for remix duty and delivers the goods once more. The remix intros with a classic kick and hat combi which is joined by warm fading chords that mesmerize the mind beautifully. A big phat chunky bassline comes through and gives the track a cool tougher edge which contrasts perfectly with those lush keys. On the break a retro styled synth takes over and winds its way through the track for the duration. The layers build brilliantly and bring new textures that give the sound a richness to be enjoyed on the floors. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy, a must have.




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