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Pipe Dream

Bonzai Progressive BP5152015 28 December, 2015

Matt Holiday returns to BP with the hugely impressive two tracker – Pipe Dream. A very much in-demand producer Matt always notches up the quality and this one is no exception. Last time out we had Light Year which proved very popular indeed with great support having shown up in many sets and DJ charts. Outside of Bonzai he still continues to impress the head honchos over at JOOF(as well as ourselves of course). On the DJ front he plays regularly around the UK where he brings his solid progressive grooves to the floors. Much more to come from this guy and well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

Pipe Dream intros with a subtle kick and cool percussive arrangement as a dark bass teases us with its existence. The teasing abates and we are exposed to a superb deep and lush bass that moves slowly through the sound. Hints of melody pop up and build anticipation before a dark chant starts to form up. In a wonderful twist the dark chant is replaced by the most beautifully layered, soothing Ethnic voices that cascade through the sound to the backdrop of a deep, dark sinister progressive groove which comes to prominence on the break. As the voices subside we are taken back into full on prog mode with a little help from some cool synths that offer a rich tone to the sound. A fantastic slice and a definite must have track.

Navajo sets off with a nice punchy kick and a simple percussion arrangement that builds up into a solid drum section that carries a top notch tribal vibe. As the title suggests we are treated to some excellent Native American chants that resonate right throughout the sound and fit perfectly into the progressive nature of the track. A deep and beefy bassline shores up the low end providing a solid platform for the myriad of sounds to take hold. The break throws up a great mixture of sounds with subtle melodies at the centre before we crash back into the main track for the duration. Top notch stuff yet again from Matt, this one will be a welcome addition in any set.