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Bonzai Progressive BP7732018 16 July, 2018

Notching up his third Bonzai Progressive release, we welcome back Iga Dep with Phobia which is backed up with three quality remixes. With releases on several imprints over the years, Iga Dep never fails to impress with his unique, dynamic sound. His first two releases on BP proved very popular indeed and we’ve no doubt this one will follow suit.

The Original sets the bar high in the progressive stakes with a seriously impressive workout. A tight thumping kick drum driven beats section delivers a cool rhythmic flow while a deep pulsing bassline rocks the low end. Quirky FX and surreal synths create a cosmic vibe as thick, stabby synths mesmerize. The main hook grabs your attention, not is a flashy stand out way, more of a subtle non-descript advance that takes us by surprise. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Fresh off his Bonzai debut, Tom Wax is up on remix duties delivering a solid techno joint to rock the floors. We last saw him a few months ago with his superb 1 Nation Under 1 Groove which gained a lot of support. Great to have Tom on board and keep an ear out for his Bonzai Basik Beats guest mix, coming soon. Here Tom takes us on a hard-hitting techno ride. Huge chunky kick drums are the main focus while he takes the bass elements and quirky melodics from the original to wrap them up in a techno infused groove. Excellent stuff for this guy, not to be missed.

Cherry has delivered some super fine cuts for us over the last several months but this time he focuses on a fantastic remix to set the progressive juices flowing. His last outing was another remix on Out Of Control by Manu Riga and Hypnotised which followed his amazing two tracker titled Alma. Great to have him back once again. Oleg treats us to a very nice rhythmic and melodic journey on the remix here. We’re drawn into a world of dreamy melodies and dark angry bass stabs. Driven by a tight rhythmic percussion section the groove takes on some contrasting characteristics, from dreamy and emotive to downright nasty and gritty. This makes for a very intriguing piece that is an absolute must have.

The musical maestro that is Manu Riga returns with his deep and groovy Aphotic Remix. After his last outing Meine Welt, Manu Riga has notched up a few remixes to the delight of his fans. He fosters something of a Midas touch when it comes to re-working and remixing tracks and his own works are always something to behold. Here on the remix Adriaan goes deep and as the remix title suggest, very deep. Right from the off you get that sense of depth in the pounding kick drums which is enhanced by dark and murky FX. An abyss level bass drone takes over the low end as dark melodies slowly come through. A real chilling rendition that will keep the late-night sessions in full swing.